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You are so precious, little Yusuf. As is your sister. With both of you, I had PCOS and infertility for two years. You know, being a physician makes it harder for us mamas to get pregnant. Even though infertility affects 1/8 people, it affects 1/4 physicians. So you two are precious and you have made my world so much more happier and meaningful. I love you to the moon and back so many times over. Thanks for this conversation, Candice @infertilitydrperfetto.

If any of you mamas is struggling with infertility, please know that my love and many prayers are with you.

If you would like to discuss a general OBGYN issue, I will be happy to answer here.

[I will not be able to provide medical advice to your particular situation on this platform. But I can give you general information]

Much love


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