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Celebrating the year of the woman with my dear friend and doctor @nataliecrawfordmd and many other boss ladies. Dr. Crawford, spearheaded this much needed celebration of all us ladies out their #AsAWoman.

#AsAWoman in Pakistan, I felt many times that I shouldn’t be who I was because of patriarchy. Because I was made to believe that my thoughts and actions weren’t those of “Good Pakistani girls”. Because of “what Aunties would say”. Because of what khandaan/family would say”. Because “Female empowerment” is more of an “F” word. Because “Women are supposed to be proper, raise kids, cook and clean. Even if they are professionals. The men don’t have to lift a finger.” Because “you’re not Islamic enough”

#AsAWoman in medicine, I felt many times that I shouldn’t be who I was because of pre-conceived notions. Because “fashion and medicine surely don’t belong”. Because “If I am into fashion, beauty and aesthetics, I must be non-serious about medicine”. Because “male surgeons are better than female” Because “Putting your girly life out there on social media is surely not desireable in medicine.

One and a half year ago, I said my Goodbyes to everything that held me back #AsAWoman. I decided to be myself. My absolutely unapologetic, fashionable and feminine self.

To all you lovely ladies out there. Whatever career you are in and whatever country, whatever culture and struggles you are in, 2019 is your year! The future IS female. And we ARE going to make it. @selfdevelopment2019 ————————————————— #medstudent #medstudentlife #intern #resident #obintern #obresident #residency #medlife #usmle #usmlestep1 #usmlestep2 #doclife #greysanatomy #saveourdoctors #nurselife #palife #pa #crna #rn #rnlife #surgeonlife #femaleempowerment #pakistaniblogger #detroitblogger #mamasinmedicine #docmamas


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