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Celebrating a Big Milestone

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

For every milestone that I reach, I mark it with a piece that would always remind me of that important event in my life. Now that we have accepted that Yusuf has completed our family, I marked it with some beautiful Le Vian milestones jewelry (browse the whole range here) to always remind me that my kids are enough for us.

Lately, I have been having baby fever, which is more biology than anything else, the ancient code of survival, the feminine desire to recreate and nourish life.

I found myself daydreaming about what another baby would be like.

Would she look like Zaki or me?

Would she have a calm and cool personality like Ayra’s or be a spit-fire like Yusuf?

My need to have a child that looked like me was fulfilled when Yusuf was born.

We had a girl and a boy. And each of them looked like one of their parents.

That was lovely.

That was enough.

Our family of 4 completes us.

It’s good for the environment, good for the amount of undivided attention we can give to our children and just overall the right decision for the kind of sacrificial parents we are. Slowly, Zaki and I have reclaimed small pieces of our lives.

I had a good cry because admitting that I was done with that overwhelming but so precious baby stage caused me a little heartache.

A little background story on the jewelry that I got for this important milestone of acceptance.

These jewelry pieces are especially created for the celebration of special moments and emotional growth. The design is inspired by angel wings and symbolizes spirituality, life, health and growth. 🤍

These are super luxurious but also ultra-wearable. I can wear them all the time if I want, these will hold. Also, I don’t know if you have heard of chocolate diamonds, but these gorgeous diamonds were popularized by Le Vian. And this milestone design incorporates them so beautifully with rose gold and white diamonds. This is my first time wearing chocolate diamonds and I am a huge fan already.

Milestone Earrings

Milestone Necklace

Milestone Ring

P.S. These are exclusively available at Kay Jewelers. Check out the milestone jewelry here

Paid partnership with Le Vian Jewelry.


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