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Don’t let Instagram convince you into thinking you need more than the number of children you had always wanted.

I was there a few months ago, with an intense baby fever. Forgetting the emergent cesarean, 2 liter postpartum hemorrhage and DIC, I had with Yusuf and the third degree perineal laceration with 6 month long dyspareunia, I had with Ayra. Oh and wait the 20 week long hyperemesis gravidarum with both the kids. And that pesky fibroid and constant pelvic pain during pregnancy. And THAT all was the easy part. On TOP of that, we are some other species of helicopter parents. By nature. By culture. Our kids sleep with us until college. Joking aside, they seriously sleep with us until 5-6 yo. We “hand-feed” them certain foods until 4-5 yo. Hands down the hardest job I have ever had was being a mother. I would be lying if I said I really enjoyed my pregnancies because given the above wonderful obstetrical experiences, the answer is a big NO.


So next time I come across the beautifully dressed 5-10 children of some cool blogger babes, I am going to read this post and remind myself WHY I need not have more than 2 kids. 😆🙏🏽


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