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Happily Ever After

I have been getting a lot of relationship questions, and how to keep the spark alive after you have been together for many years. We have now been married for 13 years. Our relationship is not perfect, no one’s is but here are my thoughts and what works for us:

Take the lead on deepening INTIMACY In every relationship, there is one partner who places a higher value on romance than the other. And it’s not always the woman. Since that partner is more likely to notice the fading romance, they have the power to introduce activities/behaviors that will improve the relationship.

Develop an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE Express thanks by remembering qualities that you love about your partner. Focus on those positive qualities and appreciate them. Think about any habits that irritate you, write them down and then consciously forgive them. No matter what happens, try to ignore all of those little irritating moments or habits that drive you mad. This exercise is like organizing your love. “Clean out the closets” that harbor annoyance and resentment.

DATE each other Since, we don’t like leaving our children with babysitters especially Zaki. I know he is always feeling guilty when we are out without kids so we date at home. We watch movies or shows together daily 1-2 hours before bed. Not the best for sleep but that’s the only time we can spend together. If possible, do frequent date nights. Try to GO ON A HONEYMOON TRIP ONCE A YEAR.

Place HAPPY PHOTOS of you around the house (we have an electric frame with photos that keep changing but I am working on physical photos. They have more meaning.

Leave LOVE NOTES around the house where your partner can see. Once a month, send him an email that tells him “I love you for a million reasons, here are the top three” etc.

SHARE FUNNY MEMES or texts with each other. Zaki always takes the lead on this. Laugh A LOT and TOGETHER.

STAY AWAY from each other! For 1-2 days. Trust me, Absence DOES make the heart grow fonder.

Play the “I WISH” game. Set aside a night once every week or every 2 weeks, when the two of you can express wishes and dreams. Then choose a wish and let it come true ————— Please share your tips 💗


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