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Home Theatre Concession Stand

Functionality and style were the two basic tenants of our design when we were renovating the kitchen. We did a full gut-down kitchen renovation, and switched out all the (dated) appliances to @cafeappliances, and I still can’t get over how amazingly functional it is. We switched out a number of wall cabinets with drawers, and I have way more space now than before.

The Cafe appliances ovens (double) and the convection microwave have made all my baking dreams come true, while the fridge from their modern glass collection has a ton of storage space. Similarly, the @cafeappliances dishwasher is quiet and super-functional, as is their five burner gas stove. The wifi connectivity of the oven and the microwave is also very useful, as I can get alerts on my phone regarding the various baking and heating tasks.

Just see how well these appliances look. A true-fit for the space and our needs !

All our kitchen needs were met so well by Cafe appliances, that when we embarked on the elaborate home theatre DIY (where we didn’t outsource anything but paint), we designed everything around the @cafeappliances modern glass collection. We built a custom concession stand (which was a high priority item on Zaki and the kids’ wishlist) based on the dimensions of the cafe microwave and the beverage center. All cafe products are so aesthetic and functionally fine, that I don't think I'll get over it :)

Head on over to cafe (Instagram: @cafeappliances) and check out the amazing line of products they offer.


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