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How and When to Start

How to start living your life...NOW! Whatever stage in life you are at.

Last year, I was living a single mom + OBGYN life (for part of every week) and dared to start a business, managed 200+ clients/month and started my Instagram. (Doing the work of 4 people)

The following tips are for living your life even when you have too much on your plate. They certainly helped free up my time to enjoy life. Also, for those people who wonder if they can be a good mom, wife and a professional or a business owner all at once. Yes you can. With a little planning.

1️⃣ Delegate whatever and whenever you can. It is not that expensive or hard. If you don’t afford it, know that you’ve got to free up your time wasted in the mundane tasks that you could be using to develop skills or work for a better tomorrow. 📍Child care 📍Housekeeping 📍Laundry 📍Outsource meals (chef/weekly service) 📍Grocery service 📍Online shopping, more time wasted in malls 📍Personal assistant! If you don’t have an assistant, you are one. 2️⃣ Organize your house. Every closet, every drawer. You should know where everything is. Don’t let clutter get in the way of clear thinking, planning and ideas. It’s nice to get home to a well organized house when everything seems to be falling apart 😃 3️⃣ Equip your children with survival skills. Encourage and foster independence. 4️⃣ Have checklists, daily and weekly schedules. For yourself, husband, kids etc. 5️⃣ Health! Manage your mental and physical health issues whatever way you possibly can. Doctor visits, therapy, take meds on time, preventative measures etc. so that poor management doesn’t get in the way of your progress. Eat well. Drink water. Work out (working on this one) 6️⃣ Sleep when you can. You’ve got to sleep. I still slept 6 hours during my busiest business building year. Currently, I sleep at least 8 hours a day. Even when I am on call. If I can, I will sleep! 7️⃣ Date nights and self-care Alone time is SO important. You have to let the ideas flow. Clear head, clear thinking. Date nights help with relationship issues. 8️⃣ Gratitude, contentment and a positive attitude no matter how south your life is going. Dream big, work hard, pray and never EVER stop!


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