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How to Stay Motivated

Updated: Dec 31, 2018

Welcome to the real world 😆 This is my current mood because motivation doesn’t happen all the time.

A major stressor in our lives comes from the feeling that we have an impossible number of things to do.

Here are somethings that I do to stay motivated in life:

1️⃣Determine your GOALS and write them down. • Make sure your goals are for “you”. It is not something you think you are “supposed” to do or something someone else wants you to do. • If you are doing something you hate but it is making you money, know that it won’t last. Money should never be the motivator. The money kept me in a business for a total of 9 months, then I quit. Because, it wasn’t something I was passionate about.

2️⃣ORGANIZE your thoughts in writing. • Write down the steps you need to take in order to reach that goal. • Break down each step into other small steps to make every step easier or more doable. If you take on a project and try to do the whole thing all at once, you will feel overwhelmed. • Don’t be a victim of an overstimulated cluttered mind. • For me, disorganization in the house messes up my mental organization so I have to stay organized at home as well.

3️⃣ASSESS and reward your progress • Every single day by the end of the day. • Takes 5 minutes.

4️⃣VISUALIZE achieving your goals and how it feels like to achieve them. • Let your imagination run wild! • Think about the bigger picture. All the little seemingly unimportant things you have to do in order to reach your big goal are equally important.

5️⃣STIMULATE your positivity and optimism and SURROUND yourself with positive thinkers. • Read a book page, a blog or a post that motivates you. Every day. Takes 5 minutes. • Take out ALL negative people out of your life.


I made an easy mnemonic to keep it easy to remember these 5️⃣ steps and stay motivated.

G - Goal setting O - Organization A - Assess and reward L - visuaLize S - Stimulate and Surround


Last but not the least, Dream big Work hard Pray And never EVER stop


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