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So what is intimacy? Intimacy means “closeness”. Us humans have a general desire to belong and to love. Most people think intimacy is just physical but in reality, it encompasses much more than just satisfying an animal need. Genuine intimacy in human relationships requires transparency, vulnerability, dialogue and reciprocity.

There are many ways to creating or deepening intimacy but I will touch on a couple scientifically proven key concepts that we have been working on in our relationship: 💝Share with your partner, who you are. And in order to tell your partner who you are, you first have to know yourself. Your goals, wishes, hopes and dreams. 💝Open up your mind and heart. Be willing to talk about anything and everything. No more secrets (unless of course, it is hiding your Amazon Prime boxes 😆) There was a time during my residency, we both were so busy, we wouldn’t know where each other was. Other people knew more about our whereabouts than we knew about each other’s and that created a dangerous distance. 💝Talk about difficult things like failure, finances, parenting techniques, disease & death etc. Things that make you vulnerable. Things that move you. To ensure you can do this successfully, you both have to be open to the other’s opinions, wants, needs, and thoughts. This also means that you both have to be willing to compromise on occasion. 💝Laughter is the best medicine: laughter releases endorphins (endogenous morphine, your body’s very own happy drug) Find something to laugh about together because laughter is proven to create intimacy.

If you have any tips on increasing intimacy, please share. I would love to learn more. ———————— #medstudent #medstudentlife #intern#resident #obintern #obresident #residency #medlife #usmle#usmlestep1 #usmlestep2 #doclife#greysanatomy #saveourdoctors #nurselife #palife #pa #crna #rn #rnlife#surgeonlife #femaleempowerment#pakistaniblogger #detroitblogger#mamasinmedicine #docmamas


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