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Live & Let Live

I am a huge believer in letting people live the life they want to without any judgement. I make a point to teach my children what we believe in but to also teach them tolerance and the other person’s right to choose to do what they want.

That’s true freedom. We all believe in certain things for a reason. What’s your normal may not be another person’s normal. Just remember to keep your biases at home. Bury them in your hearts. Do anything but just don’t let them out. Rise above them.

  • Don’t judge or hurt anyone based on what you believe in and how life should be like in your perfect world.

  • Don’t go about telling ladies in a head covering and full clothing (a Muslim, an orthodox jew, a nun) on a hot, summer day that you can’t believe how hot she must be in all her clothes. That’s between her and God. Let her be.

  • Don’t go about telling a curvy lady she needs to eat right and work out. You have no idea where she’s coming from and what effort she may or may not have made to lead a healthier life or why she can’t! Sometimes there’s an issue with the hypothalamus, a portion of brain that controls appetite. Sometimes the metabolic rate is too slow or so on. That’s between her and her doctor. Let her be.

  • Don’t go about telling a man he can’t wear a skirt (hello Scottish Kilts!) or a woman that she can’t dress like a man. Just let them be. Please and thank you.


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