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Love vs. Arranged Marriage

Our marriage was arranged by our parents 📍13 years ago, after 5 months of living together, he wrote “100 things I love about you”. 📍Now, I have challenged him to write those 100 things all over again.

Let’s see what has changed in the past 13 years of living together in an arranged marriage that blossomed into love, after moving countries and many cities and after having kids. 📍I will share the censored 😅 version of both of those 100 things with you all once he writes them. Oh and he doesn’t have any access to those 100 things he wrote 13 years ago 💗 P.S. If anyone of you is in a love marriage and has been married for more than 10+ years, send me a message! And let’s do a little experiment and compare a love VS arranged marriage in today’s world. 🙏🏽


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