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Marriage/Relationship Advice

(I would love to hear your #marriageadvice)

1️⃣Understand that marriage is a two-way road. You can’t have one person trying their best while the other doesn’t. If you are in such a situation, you will need marriage counseling to “get on the same page” 2️⃣Never ever cheat on your significant other. Restrain yourself if there’s temptation. This cracks the mirror. You can “fix” it but the crack is always there. This is your loyalty, your promise to your spouse. 3️⃣Be positive. Always. In your words. In your behavior and actions. If you are negative, know that negativity can ruin your relationship. No putting your spouse down. No physical or emotional insults. Remember, you are on the same team. Not against each other. 4️⃣Be thankful and grateful for all your blessings and try not to keep your focus on your failures or your spouse’s failures. Good things will come your way, I promise. 5️⃣Be supportive. If your spouse loves a sport or activity that you hate, let them have it. And make sure you are able to do something you like that they don’t like. Support has to be equal, right?

6️⃣If they make a mistake, be hasty in your forgiveness and never remind them of that mistake unless it happens again. Then you need to talk. 7️⃣The weight of household chores and financial burden has to be shared if both of you are working to put food on the table. Also, financial/future goals have to be shared. 8️⃣Date nights. Alone time together without kids is imperative in building your relationship. Find activities that you both enjoy. You might learn that by trial and error. Alone time will also help you both see each other’s point of view. 9️⃣Take care of your health, body and hygiene. You have to have the desire to look good for your spouse. Don’t give up on yourself once you have landed your man or woman. This is not fair to your spouse. We are all visual beings. Having that ring on your finger doesn’t give you the right to stop taking care of yourself. 🔟Make a conscious decision to love your spouse. Every. Single. Day. We all change. We have to continue to make an effort to keep loving this person we promised to love forever.


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