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OB-GYN Residency (Part I)

This was my first ever job. The hardest job I have had so far.

Intern year • I was horribly treated by the PGY-4s. Bullied. Gaslighted. The worst was a guy who was excessively narcissistic and chauvinistic.

So one time, I was feeling a little brave. He had shouted and deeply insulted me publicly in the past for bringing my patient notes (no EMR then) and finishing them during morning report. The notes were supposed to be finished before morning report.

One day, I saw him brazenly bring the entire patient chart during morning report. He dropped it on the conference table with a loud thud, where everyone could see it. He set his coffee cup down, plopped down and started writing the notes. All attendings and residents in presence. Nobody dared ruffle his feathers. He had the PD in the palm of his hand.

I looked over at him and broke the silence by calmly saying, “Dr. M, I thought we were supposed to finish our patient notes before morning report? Right?” I saw people snicker and smile behind him while his grim face peered at me with those hazel eyes, I had come to fear and hate. If looks could kill, I would have died then😆 But I will never forget the satisfaction my little intern heart felt for calling him out on that. “Respectfully”, that is. I don’t remember what happened next but I know whatever it was, wasn’t important and that I felt so liberated.


• Intern year was a challenging year. No one knows the “real” you. You have to prove yourself in more ways than one. To the PD, attendings, nurses, residents and co-interns. And you have NO idea what you are doing. • I was painfully green. •Called “Virgin Mary” because of my headscarf. • Hit on by “pregnant patients’ baby daddys” (inner city hospital. Baby daddy culture. No husbands) • It took me exactly 22 days to actually feel and know what I was touching was a cervix. Like where IS that dang cervix? Everything was soft and mushy and felt the same. .......... To be continued........


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