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Random Facts about me

Something lighthearted today 💫 ... 10 random facts about me

1️⃣ I am obsessed with symmetry, organization and schedules. 2️⃣ I have no idea what recreational drugs or alcohol tastes or feel like. 3️⃣ The last time I cooked a real meal was some 6 years back. 4️⃣ I have never thought of myself as smart but my IQ is 145. Pretty sure my directional IQ must be below 50 because I still get lost in my hospital after 4 years of working there. 5️⃣ I am not into socialization unless it’s social media! I am an introvert. I like deeper, closer relationships. I shy away from huge groups and I never like talking about people. Talking about people always leads to some form of toxicity that I need to stay away from. 6️⃣ My favorite colors are neutrals and pastels. Almost everything in my closet and home is either neutral or pastel. 7️⃣ I have always had a best friend ever since 6th grade. Only 5 my entire life. I am in touch with the 4 of them. 8️⃣ I will never call but I will text. Typical millennial behavior I guess. 9️⃣I am a little too empathetic. I will help someone in trouble when everyone else has given up on them. 🔟I am religious in my own way. Work in progress.


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