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Self-Development School Overview

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

Welcome to A year of change... A year of becoming the best version of yourself !

Here is the schedule we will follow

1. Each month, we will cover 24 topics. 4 topics per each of the 6 categories as below:

  1. Personality

  2. Relationships

  3. Money (Education and business)

  4. Health (Nutrition and exercise)

  5. Home (Decor and organization)

  6. Fashion and beauty

2. Every topic will start with a WHY? (why you should do it) and HOW? (how you can implement it into your life). Details of every post will be placed on this site because links are not clickable on instagram and only limited words can be written there.

3. Every topic, every WHY? will be evidence-based (researched, scientifically proven), supported with references. The topics may be supported by videos, etc. depending on the topic.

4. Every topic may not fit your personal situation. You will have to be creative to take out what it offers and find ways to implement in your life.

5. Every month we will have between 4-7 days off. Some off time to reflect, and implement life-skills you have learned.

6. Every day there will be a new set of life-skills we will learn, a checklist exercise will be provided to facilitate the process. You will use that checklist daily until the end of the week. You only have to print it once and do a mental check of what you implemented in your life. If you want to get ahead of everyone, practice those skills learned daily. Which is what I plan to do. "You need 66 days of consistently doing something for it to become a habit". Strive to do the absolute best you can !

7. I promise you that this is one of the best things I can offer anyone, and it has the ability to improve you and your life. A lot of work needs to be done on your part though. Please be prepared to work for it !!!


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