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Yesterday, I was asked a question • What do you want? • Where do you want to go from here? And I didn’t have an answer to that. After some serious self-reflection and meditation, I reached a conclusion.

I want to be someone who impacts the world in a positive way. Who helps people regardless of what they can bring to the table. I can’t compare the feeling of satisfaction and wholeness that I get from doing something selfless to that of acquiring material possessions, power or fame. And this is what I have been striving to teach my kids.

I remember when I once drove my cancer patient without a transport to her GYN ONC appointment an hour away, when I was on that GYN ONC rotation as a resident. I had to bring my febrile 5 year old with me as well because of last minute babysitter cancellation. And I was disdainfully called wannabe Mother Teressa by the GYN oncologist 😆 I was still very happy and very satisfied. I couldn’t have done it any differently. I am no Mother Teresa. I will admit that. I do have some financial goals to help provide for my children, secure their future, achieve financial freedom and to experience that feeling of “I have made it”. But in the end, I would rather be lumped with people who sacrificed their lives for the good of others than to be lumped with famous celebrities or entrepreneurs.

Have you asked yourself: What do I want? And where do I want to go from here?


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