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Fashion & Beauty: Shop Your Closet - Part I

Updated: Jan 4, 2019


Decreasing spending on personal “want” items is the first step towards fighting consumerism and attaining more meaning in life.

You will have more in savings to have the life you have dreamed of.

Either to start a business venture, give in charity or decrease your loans.

@drpamelamehta, an orthopedic surgeon in US, did not shop for herself for a whole year. Check my stories on Instagram for the link to her post. Start with not shopping for a season! 3 months. And see how you do.


Shop your closet!

1. Organize and beautify your closet

If you can’t see your clothes, you don’t know what you have.

You can start with basic closet organizers available easily on amazon.

Here’s a sample video of Closet Organization:

If you are looking to renovating your closet, my walk-in ikea closet cost $2.5k including the floor and looks like I spent 4 times more on it. (Photos of my closet coming in a week)

2. Remove items you don’t like

Examine the items you haven’t been wearing and determine if they are just underused or if they need to be removed from your wardrobe. Always focus on quality over quantity. Ditch any item poorly fitted that you can’t get tailored, faded or stained to the point that it cannot be removed or something that is very uncomfortable.

Place all clothes you remove from your closet in a bag. Throw them once we finish the closet and styling topic.

3. Fix items you like

If you’ve got anything in your closet that is missing buttons, ripped, poorly fitted or has a removable stain, get it taken care of now. You can even do it yourself. Search youtube videos for fixing anything that needs fixing! such as how to remove a paint stain , how to sew a button etc. You can also resize your items. A leather punch is usually less than $20 and can be used to add holes to belts, shoe straps, and more.

4.Catalogue your clothes

make a closet inventory online on apps like stylebook, smart closet. This will give you an opportunity to know every single item in your closet and make it easier to put outfits together.

5. Keep all items available

Iron or steam your clothes on laundry day. Try to do laundry frequently, or hire someone to do it.

(Stay Tuned: Links Coming Soon for Things Discussed Above)


Day 2 Exercise is Here


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