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Strong Relationships

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

If you are or were in a love OR arranged marriage/relationship where your partner cheated on you, abused you physically or sexually, gaslighted you and/or is a male supremest (chauvinist), I am so sorry that you have gone through this. I started the #LOVEvsARRANGEDmarriage challenge on instagram so that we could have some fun reading other people’s romantic stories and valuable advice on their marriage success. ——————————— Main goals: ——————————— 📍To remove the stigma of arranged marriages from some cultures and that of love marriages from some cultures 📍To give people, who have been in difficult relationships, valuable advice and share ideas that have worked well for happy couples 📍About 40-50% love marriages end in divorce. This hashtag gives insight into successful love marriages.

My arranged turned love marriage is beautiful and we love each other with all our hearts but it is far from perfect and the same goes for every single person under the hashtag. Marriage, whether love or arranged, is mutual work. Sometimes, outright labor.

Answer to some of your DMs by putting myself in your shoes. I am by no means an expert on marriage and these opinions are solely my own. Here are somethings I would never compromise on should my marriage take a turning point:

1️⃣ Infidelity 2️⃣ Abuse (Physical, Mental, Sexual) 3️⃣ Gaslighting 4️⃣ Basic human rights violation 5️⃣ Male Chauvinism

And if I were in any of the above situations, I would start with marriage counseling to see how we can salvage the marriage. Is there hope for change? Is he on the mend? Sometimes, you reach a point of no return. It is hard but it is ok to break free from a toxic marriage 😔

I am hoping that this hashtag will act as a source of hope, inspiration and motivation and not cause any unintentional hurt for those who have been through or are going through unfortunate marital circumstances 🙏🏽💗


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