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This Is My Lane

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

The NRA tweeted last week about us “self-important doctors” to “stay in their lane”, like we don’t know what we are talking about when we ask for gun control laws. I did my OBGYN residency in one of the most dangerous cities of the US, Flint, MI. ————— I was a resident when I saw a 25 yo woman shot in the vagina by her boyfriend because she cheated. The bullet destroyed her uterus, ovary, spleen, bowels, lung and blew her pelvis apart. ————— I was a resident when they called me to evaluate an innocent 20 yo pregnant girl shot in the head by someone in a car passing by. We found her brain-dead with a 21 week old baby inside. There were many more incidents like this. —————— 📍As a mother and a physician this issue definitely concerns me. This IS my lane !!! I am not anti-gun. I am anti-gun violence. Sensible gun laws need to be adopted. Non-partisan legislations on this matter need to move forward. Gun violence is already wide-spread in USA, far greater than any developed nation on Earth. This needs to be curtailed. 📍No parent should ever be told that their child is dead because of an “accidental” OR an “intentional” shooting. No child should grow up knowing that their parent died of a bullet. So, this is my lane. 📍As physicians, we are not here only to treat the victims. Prevention is our duty as well. Any epidemic needs to be prevented and gun violence in this country is epidemic. My role as a physician (as practiced in our oath) is to stand up and care for the well-being of my fellow citizens, and if this issue is not researched, and stopped, we will keep losing priceless lives. So yes, #ThisISmylane#ThisisOURlane #nra#doctorsagainstviolence #medstudent#medlife #doclife #detroitblogger


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