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Tip Generously

“Those who spend in charity (sadaqah) will be richly rewarded”. (Al Quran 57:10) ————————————— I believe that by giving you don’t get poorer but rather richer because God gives you twice as much and more if you open your heart and wallets to others.

A small example from my daily life below. Not to amass likes but to be an example and spread this message of kindness and generosity. ————————————— I caught a Taxi at the airport. My destination was 5 min away. The white-haired, frail taxi driver said: “Next time you have to go this close, just take the free shuttle because I stood in the Taxi line for 2 hours until it was my turn to get a customer and what do I get? Only $20 trip”. I asked him what would a usual trip from the airport get him? He said: “$50-60. As long as you make $25-30 an hour, it’s good”. When I tipped him generously, he was so embarrassed and wanted me to take it back, which I didn’t. I saw him smiling ear to ear, he sheepishly said, “You just made me so happy. Thank you”. —————————————— It was a very small act of kindness on my part but it made his day. No act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted. ——————————————

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