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Walk Away


🕊Negative people 🕊Negative behaviors 🕊Procrastination 🕊Disorganization 🕊Small dreams 🕊Fruitless hustle 🕊Pessimism 🕊Bad vibes 🕊Aimless life 🕊Unhealthy food 🕊Manipulation 🕊Self-doubt 🕊Also fried hair in this photo 😂

Have you started making your 2019 goals list? If not, get on it!

I will share mine by the end of the month. I have a suspicion, I am going to have a LOT on my list 😅

I started my hustle 1.3 yrs ago with a clear goal. I am no where near it and I have only 3.7 years to go. But I am motivated and ready to give it my all. This past year I worked 110-120 hours a week.

Before that, I spent 3 years after residency graduation being the perfect mom, wife and socialite. Recovering from my brutal 4 year long OBGYN residency. I worked maybe 40 hours a week at the very most (light for an OBGYN, trust me!) I realized during those relaxing 3 years that I was restless, I had this yearning I couldn’t get rid off. So I decided to not waste more years and crunch all my energy in a short amount of time to save precious years in the long run. I wasn’t going to get to where I wanted to be by working part-time, relaxing and socializing.

I don’t have opportunities laid out for me on a plate. I know that I have to create them. From scratch

Here’s to your hustle 🙏🏼 May you achieve what you are striving for. (BTW, I’m still low key on social media break so if I don’t reply to your DM’s, bear with me. Few more days to go. I need all the prayers I can get🙏🏼)


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