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What Breaks You ?

—————————————————— 📍What breaks you? Yourself

Negative self-talk Self-depreciating thoughts I am a procrastinator. I am so lazy. Such a slacker. I don’t have the time they do. Perhaps, I need to push myself more. ————————————————— 📍What breaks you? Social media

Scroll, scroll, scroll you go What perfect lives! What role models! How organized! How pretty! What a great mom! How is she even handling all this! What a beautiful house! What IS her job? She seems to be traveling the world all the time. I want that!

What was supposed to be inspiring becomes the killer of contentment and results in perceived social isolation ————————————————— 📍What breaks you? Comparison

We subconsciously tend to compare ourselves to others to see how we “measure up”. And Comparison is the thief of joy. It’s not fair to your own self to compare your behind-the-scenes with someone else’s highlight reel.

You are at the start of something great. Don’t let another person’s progress discourage you. They are at a different spot in their journey. ————————————————— 📍I have been there too A year ago But not anymore I became so absorbed in my own hustle, I forgot what others were doing

Trust me. YOU got this 🙏🏽 All these people don’t matter All these people are not perfect You Are Enough!💗 (As you can see I have been sharing my older pictures because I just don’t have the time to create new content. And that’s ok. We all go through these moments, these times. Put you and your family first)


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