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What's your Decorating Style ?

Hey friends, what is your decorating style? Or is your style more of a mix of multiple styles like me? 🙂 I have always mainly identified with an industrial chic/rustic glam style but like everyone else, my style is ever changing. And sometimes, it’s downright confused 😆

Showing you a little nook that I recently decorated. Be gentle, it took me forever to come up with right pieces on here 😁 I found this perfect sideboard cabinet @uttermostcompany. I had been looking for something rustic but with a lot of character. The mirror is modern/minimal and so are the scones that are on the sides of the mirror.

There’s a story behind this living bonsai plant. It’s as old as Ayra. Actually, 2 months older than her. We bought it in January 2008 from some Walmart in Virginia. Over the past 10+ years, I have tried to discard it many times but Zaki always manages to find it and protects it with his life 😆 Once, I even put it out in harsh winter so that it would “accidentally” die but Zaki found it. I have never been able to find a good location for it so it’s a celebratory win for me that I finally found a place for it. Thank God for less household fights over “vintage” plants 🙏🏽😁


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