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Why it's OK to Delegate some Daily Life Chores

(This blog post is sponsored by Merry Maids)

As women, we want to be a perfect mom, wife, cook, housekeeper, friend and a professional. We want hobbies. We want a life of balance where we are able to juggle different roles and do them perfectly. I have understood from life experiences that a perfect work-life balance does not exist but a decent work-life balance is absolutely attainable.

I have understood that I can’t do everything by myself. In order to give time to my patients, my kids, my husband, my family, my home; I must delegate or utilize my support system.

Here are some daily life tasks that I have delegated: 1- Housekeeping including deep cleaning and dishwashing: Once weekly

I recently hired my local Merry Maids and was absolutely overjoyed to have discovered their

incredibly professional services. The team members are trustworthy, bonded and insured. It was a relief knowing that my belongings were safe and that I didn’t have to keep certain things under lock and key.

The cleaning service was high quality. My home was left smelling clean and fresh. What’s more, Merry Maids has recently started offering organization services! I am looking forward to doing some Spring organization with them soon.

2- Cooking: Once weekly We found a private chef who cooks at home using our choice of cooking oils, organic meats and produce. Everything comes packaged ready to eat and labeled by days of the week. Most people think that hiring a private chef is pricey. The cost of hiring one is significantly lower than eating out for a family of 4. It’s also a healthier option. There is no shame in hiring out tasks that you either don’t enjoy or don’t have time for.

The time that you will save by doing so can be spent on meaningful experiences with your family and working on building new income streams.


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